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Meet “Richie” also known as Ricardo, a local car guy with a passion for detailing!
Richie utilizes his  Associates in Automotive, enthusiasm in all things auto and an eye for detail to bring Southern New Mexico Rich Details Auto Detailing! 
He has dedicated himself to discovering the skills, products and experiences needed to detail all types of vehicles. Rich Details is a local, driver focused business. Meant to make anyone proud of their vehicle whether it’s brand new, old and true or getting ready for a new owner. 

This small start is quickly growing so keep an eye on the road and DRIVE CLEAN
Rich Auto Details Ricardo "Richie" Maldonado

Who we are?

We strive to impress and deliver to our clean drivers!

We understand that our drivers are making an investment, so we handle each service with professionalism, supreme customer service and a warm friendly smile. 

We take pride in our craft and our experience! We always consider and strategize on the best most appropriate tools, products and techniques to exceed our driver’s expectations. 

Our history, our journey

2010 - New Hobby Discovered

Passion: Richie has been an auto enthusiast since he picked up his first Motor Trend magazine at 10 years old. He will spend the majority of his adolescence learning as much as he could about auto repair. While he was earning his Associated degree, a friend introduced him to the rabbit hole that’s auto detailing—That’s where his journey in the industry began.

2018 - "Wow! What a Clean Car. Will you do Mine?"

Awareness It wasn’t long that his neighbors started to notice how nice Richie’s cars looked. After seeing his car at work, a few co-workers have asked if he could do their vehicles. Even a few people at the auto shops he frequently visited started to inquire. And at this point, he felt comfortable working on my other people’s vehicles. Slowly, he began to branch out and do a few cars a week.

2020- Founded by Ricardo

Execution Having great success in auto detailing and receiving great feedback, Richie decided to take his passion mainstream. He started offering his services to people other than friends and family. Fill out the form below, and let’s get your ride shining like a star!

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Our Services

Paint Correction

Rich Details Auto Clean Sport Car

Ceramic Coating

Clean GMC Sierra

Exterior Detail

Rich details Auto Clean Trunk

Interior Detailing

Rich Auto Details Carpet Extraction

Carpet Extraction

Headlight Restoration